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Commedia Collective is a collaborative project. With a strong desire to create unique content be it factual or fictional, the collective assembles teams drawn from those who see the most potential in a given project, recognising that in a rapidly changing world, establishing a unique identity is what is always at the heart of any great project.

If you are interested in collaborating and developing your concept into something with a real-world impact, please feel free to contact me.

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Alex Wilks

Videographer & Director

With a background in fiction and documentary, Alex's approach to each project is to craft a strong narrative, believing that each video should be as unique as the people behind it.
An avid reader, music-lover and film critic, Alex is consistently inspired by anything that offers a cultural insight or an interesting perspective and aims for his work to reflect that, opening channels to organisations and individuals with pertinent stories to tell.  
Since picking up a DSLR in mid 2013, Alex has shot films and events throughout Europe and beyond, having worked for brands such as Audi, BBC Solent, The Meridian Society and The Hult Prize.    
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Southampton, UK

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